Foundation Course
Get your pen and pencils ready as you are about to dive deep into the pool of knowledge. You will find 5 lectures under this module. Take your time and enjoy learning at your own pace.
Ksenia Karnejenko: Lesson 3
Summary: Lesson 3
Ksenia Karnejenko: Lesson 4
Summary: Lesson 4
Ksenia Karnejenko: Lesson 5
Summary: Lesson 5
Ksenia Karnejenko: Lesson 6
Summary: Lesson 6
Foundation Course Module 2 Homework
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Why do you need an adjustable beauty bed?
Why saddle stool is better than conventional chair?
Name 3 steps of Decontamination?
Select two tools that are disposable and should be binned after a single use?
Select two tools that are re-usable and should go through the decontamination process after working with a client?
Disinfecting solution must never be used on?
To keep natural lashes safe, which two parameters of the extensions you should be most careful with?
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