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Lash Forum Archive is packed with 75+ lash related lessons that were gathered for the past 3 years from the top tier lash experts from all over the world. It will equip you with all the necessary tools and knowledge to take your business to the next level.
The Lash Forum Archive is divided into 9 modules consisting of 75+ video lectures all together.

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Worldwide known lash & business experts will share their knowledge with you.

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Lash lessons are around 30 min long so you can watch them in your own time and pace, meaning that it will be much easier to fit it in within your busy schedule.
Lash course with one of our speaker costs around £400 or more... If you multiply that by the number of lessons provided you will be saving around £28,000.
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Lash Forum Archive consists of 8 modules and 75 lash related lessons. Here you can find a breakdown of all the lessons.
Loreta Jasilionyte - "Pre Mades Pro’s & Con’s"
Anastasia Nikulina - "Tools of styling"
Sydney Nanton - "Mindset of a Successful Lash Artist"
Joanna Lee - "Make the most of Social Media & Showcase YOU"
Soo-Jin Yang - "How to Get the Best Retention Using the Lynk-Gel Method"
Otto Mitter - "Otto's 5 tips for a successful business"
Julie Knight - "Do you really have to lash every lash?"
Ruthie Belle - "Top tips how to increase lash retention with physics and chemistry"
Aisha Jagieva - "Fox effect in curls L / M"
Anna Timonina - "Money Making Pictures"
Kerry Wood - "Build your dream and brand from scratch"
Paul & Tussanee Luebbers - "Setting up policies and how to fire a client"
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