Please Welcome Lash Forum Archive Speakers
We have gathered over 50 speakers from all over the world to share their knowledge and expertise with you. Our speakers will equip you with all the necessary tools and skills to take your business to the next level.
Get to know our educators that will be teaching you at the Lash Forum Archive.
  • Linn Bergström
    Owner and founder of Look by Linn - The Beauty School of Sweden. Linn’s strength is her creativity, teaching and team building skills. Her passion when it comes to her own work is Lash designs and fantasy lash art. Look by Linn have 23 talented and award winning trainers who are based all over the world. Linn is the founder of the brand Look by Linn with focus on providing the best quality in her products. “Look by Linn, your selection for Beauty and Perfection”.
  • Arune Mooney
    Arune Mooney, a focused, professional, perfectionist. Multiple award winning lash artist, who fell in love with the whole concept of semi permanent eyelash extensions immediately after brief training course. Over the last few years she has developed the 'I AM Lash PRO’ brand, which is recognised for its quality and innovation by many eyelash artists around the world. She is at the top in her chosen profession, and her philosophy is that this is not a job, it's a lifestyle.
  • Hilaree Brand
    Hilaree Brand brings a unique style to lash education and training. Her innovative and customized teaching techniques provide students with an uncommon and truly effective learning experience. Hilaree takes into consideration each of her students’ specific lifestyles and circumstances to implement different approaches to teach that will work the best. Her hands-on mentoring takes students to the next level, and her warm and charming nature result in lasting friendships.
  • Elisabeth Bexter
    Director and founder of Beauty Lounge Sthlm, one of Sweden's highest rated and prestigious celebrity salon. Founder of the beauty brand "By Bexter". International lash artist/trainer/judge. London Lash Pro trainer. Multiple Winner of international lash competitions. Has been trained by the world´s best trainers and has over 35 master diplomas. Participant of different international Conferences. Three times winner in the World Cup 2018 in Amsterdam.
  • Anne Perry
    My entry into the beauty industry started in 2009 when I bought a beauty salon as a business investment. The hardest business decision I ever made, but the one where I learnt more than I could ever imagine! I am SO passionate about lashes, I love the way they make people feel, and relish every set – the difference a good set of lashes can make to someone’s confidence! I go to every conference I can afford and take at least two courses a year.
  • Mariola Mikolajczyk
    The active judge at lash extensions, lamination and brow shaping competitions. International Educator and Expert in eyelash and eyebrows treatments. Official Distributor and main trainer of I’m the Lashmaker brand. Expert in Kim K Effect/Glammy Effect with global reach online training. INLei Official UK Trainer. NIKK MOLE Brow Trainer. Author of educational article for Scratch Magazine, Lash Inc. Owner of Innovation Beauty Academy.
  • Bryony Barclay
    Bryony Barclay is an award winning Lash Artist, Educator, Mentor & Judge from the UK. With 8 years experience in the industry she prides herself on not only offering perfect lashes to her clients but also a high standard of education to her students & within her training company LAE Training. Owner/Head Educator of LAE Training Academy. Lash Battle Glasgow Judge 2018. Lashbase Training Academy of the year 2019. Premade Pro Judge 2019. Artistic Lash League Speaker & Judge 2020.
  • Szilvia Tóth
    Szilvia Toth is the owner of Eyelash Art London which brand she started in 2020, however she started her lashing career back in 2018. Since the day she became obsessed with lashes she was dedicated to continuously learning everything about lashes and she always kept up with the latest trends. She has won multiple awards from competitions and has over 15 trophies. She is not just recognised by her work, but her outstanding skills and profession as a talented lash photographer.

  • Frankie Widdows
    Frankie Widdows is UK based award-winning International Lash Trainer, Guest speaker and Lash Judge. She specialises solely in the treatment of eyelash extensions so that she can dedicate all her time to being an expert in this subject. Frankie has trained thousands of students worldwide through both her in-person and online lash courses. Frankie’s success is due to her openness to share her techniques, as well as her passion and dedication to the industry which she loves.

  • Anastasia Nikulina
    Anastasia Nikulina is one of the TOP lash educators, based in London, UK. In early 2020 she has opened her own lash studio “𝘓𝘈𝘚𝘏 𝘌𝘟𝘗𝘌𝘙𝘛” in London and now trainings and mentoring sessions. She has been the recipient of numerous awards throughout her career. She has travelled to different countries to challenge herself and has always brought home a gold trophy! Anastasia is an internationally recognised judge and speaker. Taking part in many lash events, for both audiences- English and Russian speaking.
  • Ruthie Belle
    Ruthie Belle is the creator of next generation products for the lash and brow industry. Her career as a lash artist took off in 2013, when she was living in London and became one of the first three people in all of the United Kingdom to be trained in volume lashes. A few years of being a trainer she had an idea - to take the whole lash industry to the next level by inventing better products for lash artists. Her first game changing invention "Superbonder" has since become the most popular and most imitated product in the whole industry.
  • Cintia David
    SINLASH by Cintia David - Do it your self Lashtrepreneur, Award winning Lash Master and Educator, Lash industry Designer and Creator. Cintia has created SINLASH Ltd. at 2017 when her journey as lash artist was but few months old with a vision of creating a brand that embodies its top 3 values - quality | time | money - generating successful business , well being and wealth not just for herself but to anyone with a strong desire. Best things in life lie on the other side of fear.

  • Hanna Babanakava
    Hanna started business in 2013 in Grodno (Belarus), received training in different areas of beauty but Lash making is her real passion. Just in one year she mentored a few championship prize winners from juniors and often provides advanced knowledge to practicing trainers! Angel Wings provides top quality eyelash extension services, global supplies and training with head office in Montreal, Canada. They are proud of their responsible approach, high standards and an outstanding client care.

  • Ali Lilly
    Ali learned how to do lashes in 2013. Over the years she learned to grow a thriving clientele and trained a few friends on lashes, she quickly realized she loved the education side of the industry! Over the years teaching and taking clients, she fell in love with volume, mega volume and creative mapping. She started teaching her creative mapping classes and got into retail. Ali now runs a mega volume lash line and teaches courses online and in person. She has since been interviewed on podcasts regularly.

  • Diana Prangli
    Well known lash master in Helsinki, Finland. Diana got into lashes in 2015. Multiple (at this moment over 30) prize placements, including first places in championships both online and at different venue (Russia, UK, Spain, Latvia, Estonia, Finland etc.). Many special prizes (fantasy-, male-, kim k-, color lashes). Grand Prix in championships in 2018 and 2019. Author of her course programs. Secrets to Perfect Volume 2-7D. Judge in championships, both online and live. Speaker in conferences
  • Ksenia Karnejenko
    Founder of Artistic Fur Lash Academy, talented lash artist, mentor and lash coach. The organizer of the biggest online eyelash extensions championship worldwide - Artistic Lash League. Now her ultimate dream and goal is to bring and share quality knowledge to lash technicians in need, so they can grow and improve. Completed and won many competitions worldwide. Has been published in Lash Inc Magazine and Lash Masters Vol 4 book. Participant of many lash conferences and competitions online and offline.

  • Manami Edwards
    Founder and Co-owner of Blanco Lash Studio in London
    Founder Co-Director of Blanco Lash Products Ltd
    Organiser Lash Queen Lash competition 2019-2020
    Multi lash Competition winner, published Lash stylist , Lash trainer and competition Judge.Manami has travelled worldwide for training, conferences as well as competitions where she successfully gained experiences and won trophies. Her Students also have started to expand their career as award winning lash artists, trainer and judge .
  • Soo-Jin Yang
    A global brand, illumino® is the first lash company to offer the patented Lynk-Gel® Lash Method. Soo-Jin is passionate about helping extension artists, most of whom are women, to grow professionally and build lucrative careers, as well as implementing the highest safety standards for those who are working around volatile chemicals and tools. “I want to help elevate the profession,” she said. “Education is paramount. Seeing many people I’ve trained, succeed and expand their business opportunities is so rewarding and inspires me to find other ways to help them.”
  • Loreta Jasilionyte
    Loreta is one of the lash industry’s key experts and recognised trainers worldwide with a thriving retail network, who brought First Lash Conference to UK, travelled world with hers self-found Volume lash techniques, as she was refused to all Russian Volume Classes! Since establishing Brand in 2014, Loreta without aggressive marketing developed successful Academy worldwide. With an eye for spotting talent and her unparalleled techniques and education, has educated some of the leading trainers in well-respected lash corporations.
  • Aisha Jagieva
    Founder of LOTUS eyelash extension studio. Accredited Lash trainer from the International LASHINC. Association and Honorary Ambassador of London lash Pro in the UK. The creator of online and offline courses for Lash masters and trainers according to the author's methodology (our courses are translated into 12 languages ​​of the world). Love millions of people with L/M curves and Fox Eyes effect (author's schemes only). ICC Certified Coach (USA). Certified Methodologist (Russia). Trained over 5500+ happy students from 60+ countries.
  • Shareen Nesbeth
    Lash Expert, London Lash trainer and Mentor. An award-winning self-confessed lash geek whose artistry and passion for lashes shines through her work and attitude. She has won multiple trophies from various UK and International Lash Competitions! Shareen has since successfully launched the very first online Tricky Lashes competition in 2021 during lockdown open to all skill levels. Shareen is now a featured writer for Lash-Ed magazine which is the must have educational, inspirational lash, business magazine that keeps the lash industry up to date on the latest news, trends and education.
  • Julie Knight
    Founder and Editor of Lash-EdTM Magazine. MD, Co-Founder & Organiser of World Lash University. Founder of Elite Eyelash ExtensionsTM (UK) for Treatment, Training & Products. In Partnership with Olympia Beauty to deliver The Lash Games. Founder and MD of ‘Behind the Mask’ FREE training. Working Lash Stylist for over 10 years and Accredited Trainer since 2012. Lash Competition Judge. Multi Award Winner. Lash Coach. Professional Practice Consultant. Sponsor. Featured 50+ times in numerous trade Magazines. Featured 50+ times on PodCasts and mainstream national/internal media
  • Otto Mitter
    After two decades of studying the art of beauty therapy, lashes, brows, cosmetic chemistry and personal care formulation, Otto Mitter and his team at Ex-Import currently produce and supply lash & brow enhancement ranges for professionals and develop educational programs to over 60 countries across the globe. Otto’s dedication to education has seen him as a guest speaker and educator at the world’s most prestigious beauty and lash events, learn from the world’s best lash masters and judge at leading global beauty & lash competitions.
  • Kamila Prasiłowska
    Kamila is an official Lash lifting and botox instructor My Lamination and Velvet Lashes and also eyelash extensions specialist. She is professional, ambitious and hungry for knowledge. She was trained by very well known in the lash world masters and she's not going to stop on that and will attend other courses as part of her self development to master her profession. Kamila is one of the best lash lift masters in UK .Her work is always praised and recognised. Her photos were used as an example of the perfect lift during one of the biggest championship in Glasgow - Lashbattle 2018 also she’s winners of several online competitions. Kamila a UK official Brow Henna by Levchuk trainer.
  • Andreea Ghigheci
    Andreea Ghigheci is not only one of the leading trainers at London Lash Pro, but also one of the most reputable lash artist in Cork and unique LLP trainer in Ireland. Having performed over 10000 sets of eyelashes ranging from classics 1D to 6D in volume. Andreea is well experienced and at the forefront of all the latest techniques in eyelash care. Multiple award winner, international judge, speaker and host for international trainers. Andreea has grown her career in less than 4 years, and now she’s sharing her secrets and knowledge with other lash artists and with those completely new in the industry. My motto: Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.
  • Marijana Bošnjak
    Marijana within almost a decade of experience working in the beauty industry, has achieved multiple qualifications and advanced technical skills. Throughout her career she has been a winner of numerous competitions in many fields of the beauty industry with her greatest achievement so far being judge and speaker at the beauty events. Today, Marijana is focused on growing her practice within London and the UK. In addition, she plans to travel globally to offer training courses worldwide. Her biggest passion is sharing her knowledge with the mission to help hard-working students to achieve the high level of success.
  • Veronica Rich
    Brow expert. International trainer and expert in eyelash extensions and eyebrows. Crowned as best lash model at “Lash Pro contest” in Slovenia. Featured in Lash Inc magazine. Featured in Lash Ed magazine. Brow lamination expert. Veronica is one of the Top London Lash Pro trainers, known and loved by her students by her motivational speeches and ability to make lash and brow artists follow their dreams and not give up. Many of her students become champions with trophies and successful lash and brow artists after attending her classes.

  • Darja Striletskaja
    Multiple winner of international lash and brow competitions in master, professional and expert categories. “Lash artist of the year 2016”, Bergamo, Italy. "Queen of lashes", Lash Pro Contest, Slovenia. The leading trainer at London Lash Pro, InLei UK, SoHenna. Speaker of different international lash and brow conferences. International judge. Founder and CEO of "Lash and Brow Secrets Studio". “The Best UK trainer 2017”, London Lash Pro, UK. “UK Trainer of The Year 2019”, London Lash Pro, UK. “UK Volume Trainer of The Year 2019”, London Lash Pro, UK. Participant of different international conferences.
  • Kirsty Rae
    In a nutshell, I’m a former Lost Soul turned Transformational Coach who coaches women to reclaim their Confidence, Connection to Self and Purpose. I work with female business owners and career women to help them transform into the best versions of themselves, let go of any blocks that have held them back, and create their best life. "I was born to help others to truly BE who they are in all their shining glory and have their best lives."

  • Savannah Carmichael
    Savannah, CEO of My Addiction Skin Care, is trained in advanced skin care techniques, a certified classic and volume lash artist, educator and industry motivator who loves sharing her knowledge of salon business and lash extensions. She has been slaying lashes for more than 10 years – starting out in a room the size of a closet and building her business to include three shops with over 40 employees. Savannah is dedicated to helping the next generation of lash artists.
  • Lindy Williams
    Lindy Williams founded EBL Lashes in the summer of 2010. She was a single mom at the time and although she quickly found a passion for lashes, Lindy couldn’t find a company she could afford as well as stand behind their product. Out of necessity, EBL Lashes was created, but out of love and dedication, EBL Lashes has not only expanded, but thrived. EBL is also known for its amazing product. In 2019, EBL was recognized for winning “Best Lash Extensions Readers Choice Award” by ASCP Skin Deep as well as “Best Lash Products” by LNE Spa.
  • Inese Stepanova
    My journey in beauty started with NVQ 2 in nails. I spotted eyelash training courses and didn't think twice. It appealed to me straight away. In 2013 July I've officially opened a first salon with my best friend Daria called Boutique. Clientele grew very fast and in 2014 November we both expanded our businesses into bigger premises and staff. That's how I.NOVA was born. Since then I've qualified as an educator. I.NOVA STUDIO is based in Exmouth, Devon and most recent expenditure is Bristol- Training academy and luxury designer lashes.
  • Helen Ward
    I have been in the beauty industry since I left school in 1996 and have continued my training throughout this time. I trained in many areas, up to a level 5 in biology. After completing my cert-Ed 12 years ago I worked in further education, moving in to private training company. I now run a busy city centre salon, work as a trainer and getting ready to launch an exciting new business. I passionate about raising industry standards and helping others within our industry. Lash Festival - Winner. British Hair and Beauty Awards - Winner. SME News Awards - Winner. The Journal Business Award. British Beauty Salon of the Year.
  • Sydney Nanton
    Sydney’s love for lashing started after her first lash course, to which it quickly grew to owning her own lash business, but that’s not where it ended for Sydney. As a lash artist herself, Sydney knows it takes much more than technical skills to become successful, and that other business tactics must be used to grow a successful beauty business, such as marketing! Dabbling in marketing with her own business is where her passion sparked. Extremely interested in all things digital marketing, Sydney then headed back to school to get her Digital Marketing diploma from McMaster University and that’s where it all began.
  • Sheila Echazabal
    My name is Sheila, i've been an artist since birth, but lashing est 2016. I'm just a young independent hispana who was born in the heart of Cuba and raised in Miami. As an immigrant to the U.S I was raised to work hard for someone else, but deep down inside I've always had this passion for freedom. I wanted to build my own security and it wasn't till I was in college that I noticed it all started with my mindset. I am here today to teach you about financial freedom and how to take steps to achieve it. Now keep in mind the hustle is sold separately, fair warning!
  • Jennifer Wilson
    I AM | Jen Wilson, here to help you feel better in your body & mind. I do this through my book 9 Rules to Sort Your Shit, my classes as a Yoga & Pilates teacher, Meditation teacher, Reiki Healer, and creator of The Healing Rebel programme. I am passionate about helping people optimise their health, to move and feel better. A big focus is on teaching women how to rest and relax without guilt!
  • Marina Larskaya
    Marina Larskaya Trained over 800 people in 15 countries from Australia to America. 3 University degrees. CEO, founder of the high quality product line RQLASHES. Award winner in "Business" category at LASH BEAUTY AWARDS. Active speaker at lash & brow conferences. Judge at lash events. Beauty business expert. Nominee for the NALA award in the "Mentor" category 2018. Nominee for TOP-50 educators by Lash Inc 2019. Author of multistage training programs of lash extension for beginners and masters.
  • Vilja Pjokken
    Hi, fellow lash nerds! I have been in the beauty industry since 2007 and have made my mark in the lash industry for the last 7 years, with several competition trophies. As a speaker at Lash Forum Archive, I want to give you some major thought-provoking tips on: how to lead your life to experience more happiness and less stress. I am a huge believer in owning your inner weirdo and embracing your true unique spirit. In the last two years, I have immersed myself in personal development which has changed my life completely, and I would love to share with you some of my biggest insights.
  • Emily Lee
    Lord Emily Lee, AKA The Queen Bee, is an Award-winning Aesthetician and Lash Professional in Vancouver, Canada. She is the Founder of Vancouver-based studio, Queen Bee Spa; an International Judge, Educator and Lash Mentor. These days, Emily can be found providing impartial product and training reviews, event coverage, and tips and tricks videos on Beauty Pro Media’s YouTube channel. Continually researching and updating her Infection Prevention & Control Course curriculum. This course is a culmination of over 7 years of research, and is available to be licensed for use by academies and trainers globally.
  • Sylvia Liu
    Director and Founder of Lash Heaven, UK. Background is in Business Consulting and Advisory. BA in Business Management and IT. Masters Degree in International Business. Opened Little Beauty Boutique Salon in 2014. Awarded “International Lash Artist of the Year” by SugarlashPRO. Speaker in conferences in Lash Convention UK (2015) and Global Eyelash Extensions Conference Korea (2017) and in Japan (2019). International Judge in Lash Competitions: Lash Battle UK (2015/2016/2017), Germany(2015), Norway (2017), Lash Wars Pre-Q US (2017), Strictly Come Lashing UK (2017), Vietnam (2017), Norway (2018), Vietnam (2018), Denmark (2019).
  • Genevieve Harding
    Genevieve has been in the beauty industry since 2008 and the eyelash industry since 2010. Having worked in salons for many years after having children Genevieve decided to go at it alone and become self employed launching, Beauty by Genevieve in 2014. Now having built an established client base Genevieve has also started making a name for herself within the lash industry. Having written her own fully accredited eyelash courses her manuals are now sold internationally and she has had students travel from over seas to train with her. A regular columnist for some of the lash industries leading magazines Genevieve has also won a number of awards throughout the years.
  • Melissa Rudolphi
    I started my journey in 2012, renting a small space above a nail salon where I began to learn how to build my business and grow through the struggles of working for myself. In 2015 I was feeling a little stagnant and decided to take a volume course. This is where my passion exploded, and I had so much growth in the following year. My sister & I opened Lash Studio in the beautiful foothills of Tucson, Arizona in 2016 and in 2017 I became an educator for Borboleta Beauty. Customer service is much more than one face to face interaction. Without clients we don’t have a business so the experience you give will make or break your business!
  • Ida Gårdemark
    Ida Gårdemark is a Swedish life coach with a bachelor's degree in sociology. She works as a couple and relationship coach and also with families and groups. She specializes in various behaviours and holds lectures on self-esteem, communication, stress and on how to understand our own behaviours. Social media: Instagram: kbtlivscoach Fb: Kbt Livscoachning.
  • Paul & Tussanee Luebbers
    For 13 years Paul and Tussanee ran Integrity Lash, a premier 7-digit lash salon in Southern California. Over the years, Integrity Lash was recognized by Vanity Fair, Los Angeles Magazine, Pasadena Magazine, Pasadena Weekly, as well as by others as one of the best of SoCal. For four years, Salon Today chose Integrity Lash as one of the Top 200 salons in North America. Now Paul and Tussanee host the top-rated podcast LashCast as well as host trainings. The twosome aims to educate and uplift lash professionals on how to be better lash artists and business owners.
  • Shelby Tarleton
    Shelby Tarleton is the owner of Pink Lady Lash in Austin, Texas with two locations currently. She hosts the award winning Podcast Lash Boss Radio and is a judge, speaker, and educator with 9 years of lash artistry experience. She is also the organizer behind Lash Boss Conference and is launching the Lash Boss Apparel January 2021.
  • Anna Timonina
  • Cheryl Peng
    Hey lash nerds, it's me, the CEO and founder of Untamed Artistry. In my short journey as a lash nerd, I've mastered the art of Russian Volume, taught students all around North America, and started a quirky lash brand that delivers the funniest pun as well as FREE educational content to help lash nerds around the world. When I am not knees deep in building our lash nerd community, innovating new products, you will find me devouring books and podcasts. My insatiable curiosity allowed me to seek knowledge everywhere I can. Once I gather something useful for lash artists, my goal is to share that with you. I want to be the Obi-wan Kenobi in your lash journey, guiding you to your extraordinary success.
  • Joanna Lee
    Joanna Lee, award winning lash artist, turned confidence coach and presenting skills mentor;
    started her career in TV as a Presenter and Producer. Joanna is passionate about helping other women who are ready for the next level of profile, visibility and success in their businesses. Through her mentorship programme, The Visibility Gateway is already helping women step into industry stages with confidence and flair. If you are tired of feeling invisible despite your great talent and hard work - it's time to come out of the shadows and show up for your audience FACE FIRST be that online, in-person or on-stage and build that personal brand. Contact Joanna at IG @joanna_lee_coaching or on 00447710370490.
  • Claire Hooper
    Claire is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, digital course creator, and award-winning lash artist who believes everyone has the ability to reach ultimate levels of success. She has so much lived experience in the lash industry and has found a home in making her clients feel beautiful, and coaching lash artists to grow their business systems. Claire enjoys connecting with other visionaries in the industry and talking about all things growth. Whether she is hanging out with her busy boys, collecting more plants, or enjoying a good book Claire always comes from a place of gratitude and leads her business with compassion.
  • Kimberly Jaynes
    "When Kim Jaynes was an up-and-coming lash artist, the industry was just getting started and there weren’t a lot of lash options available. She wanted artistically inspiring, natural-looking lashes that would make her clients look and feel amazing, backed by a brand she could believe in. When she realized what she was searching for didn’t exist yet, she set out to create it herself. In 2013, Kim’s dream became a reality when Borboleta Beauty was born. After launching the brand, she put everything she had into making it succeed. In the early days, she actually sold lashes out of the trunk of her car! Now one of the leading lash extension brands in the world!
  • Michelle Meredith-Rath
    Founded Sinful Lashes after a successful career as a Hollywood stylist in the entertainment industry. Today she is recognized as a leader in the lash industry and travels the world as a trainer, speaker, judge and was included in the books Secrets to Success, Lash Industry Influencers and Lash Masters Volume 3. Michelle opened her first studio in 2011 and has expanded into an international lash brand. This entrepreneur owns her Lash academy, retail store and her online eyelash extension supply business in Los Angeles, CA. She owns her Lash Academy where she has trained over 5,000 students in the art of lash application and she manufactures a luxury lash extension product line that ships globally.
  • Katie Godfrey
    Katie has built a multi award winning salon which has been published over 60 time’s including OK and Hello magazine and Nationwide newspapers. Won over 15 awards and also pampered celebrities. She has had chains of salons and built and sold salons across the UK. Katie wanted the highest of standards across salons and within the industry so she launched KG Professional. A beauty training academy across the UK and eyelash product range. Within 6 months of launching the product range almost 10 years ago, they hit over 500 salons and now sold all over the world.
    Katie is a dedicated business mentor and looks after over 35 salons.
  • Julia Mann
    Julia is a multiple award winning lash trainer, judge, business growth coach, best-selling author and runs one of the largest FB support groups for over 25.000 lash artists, worldwide. She has been in the Beauty Industry for over 16 years and got into the Lash Industry in 2010. Since 2016 Julia has made it her mission to bring the best of the best in training and trainers to the whole world, unite stylists and create successful and award winning pro lash artists. Lash Tribe’s online and in person Training Courses, that are run all over the world, have seen over 1780 students globally and also helps Lash Artists to become trainers, suppliers and win awards themselves.
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